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  • Community Events

    Homebrew 5th edition D&D campaign- Children of the Kai

    The Dire Halflings Gaming Group

    This is the ongoing adventure of the next generation of Kai, sent into the world to spread the word of unity, but never made it that far.  With Armagedon at their heels, they struggle to hold their sanity, while grasping with the inevitable fact...

    Bixby OK: Connect & Learn

    Bixby, OK - Bold Networking

    Bold Networking teams meet weekly for sales, marketing, and leadership training, to start and grow relationships, and to share introductions.   Our teammates are typically successful professionals who may have struggled to get loads of...

    Monthly .NET User Group Meetings

    Tulsa Developers Association

    Please help us out by answering these poll questions: https://www.meetup.com/TulsaDevelopers-net/polls Main Presentation:  0 to 60 with Node, Express & Mongo NodeJS is gaining popularity every single day as a development platform, powered...