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Let’s be honest…

Real Estate Is A Broken Industry.

Steve Burris harnessed his passion, anger, and extensive experience with the industry when he created Kevo as a “fix” to the system in 2010. Today, Kevo properties has more than 200 REALTORS® collaborating to give clients better real estate results and experiences. His secret to success? Put the REALTORS® first and give them the highest level of training, mentorship, and team support. Success follows.

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Let Kevo help you start making more money

Looking for a quick path to a six-figure salary? It happens all the time at Kevo. It’s too good – and it’s true.

Whether you want a part-time opportunity, a full-time career change, or your own brokerage, Kevo provides a way and a workplace that is flexible and rewarding. No wonder Kevo agents love their jobs.

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